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Barcelona101 is a photography contest designed to showcase the great diversity of the city of Barcelona, ​​understood not only as the diversity of the people and the collectives that live there, but also the diversity of spaces , activities and ways of living that it houses. The 101 best snapshots presented at the contest was shown in an exhibition and was  published in a book. The name of the contest, Barcelona101, refers to the surface of the city. They are 101 km² that embrace as many Barcelons as vines pass there. The 101 photographs will be a small tasting of what is and it offers our city.

Barcelona 101 is a photo book of the city of Barcelona, ​​made by a hundred people who live, work, visit and, in short, they love this city. 101 is the total of photos compiled in this book, and this number also refers to the 101km2 surface area that encompasses the city.

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